Hit The Road

by El Camino (Heavy Rock)

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Only three months after joining El Camino, Martin had to record the vocals for this album. Good job, mate!
After the recording was done, it took us one year and thirty-three mixes to get the sound we wanted to achieve. Thanks, Jan, for your immense patience and dedication!


released November 29, 2008

Music, lyrics, artwork and everything else by El Camino



all rights reserved


El Camino (Heavy Rock) Löningen, Germany

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Track Name: Carpet Red
Could I only say she left me
For a reason I can’t grasp
But not even this redemption
Is for me to clutch and clasp

Could I only live without her
I’d be glad to make it through
Just one day’s eternal torture
If there’s no one to share with you

I mark the barrier
I make it safe
And make it strong
I will not listen
I will not care
But for how long

Blood and wine stain the splinters
Of the shattered grail that lies
On the carpet red where my hope
Writhes in agony and dies
Track Name: Stoner Flow
Ostracized, the burning sun
Marks you as the hunted one
Grains of sand between your teeth
In your throat, you just can’t breathe

Rushing through the desert land
Spurned and parched, with bloodstained hands
Time’s up, you’re only steps ahead
One more second rest and you’ll be dead

El Camino to the end
Straight to hell, no curves, no bends
El Camino, on the stray
Never thought it’d end this way

Wanted dead, not worth a dime
Hear the distant death bells chime
Thinking back to when it all began
To hell with it, who gives a fuckin’ damn

All that matters is how to escape
‘Cause the mob will never spare or save
See yourself ablaze and bled
Plunging in the burning red

El Camino to the end...

On your knees, you catch a glance
Of what might be your last chance
Weary legs, you won’t get far
Get into that rusted car

Hunters’ breath upon your neck
Grab the wheel and don’t look back
Throttle’s wide and off you go
Saved by Satan’s Stoner Flow
Track Name: This Life Sucks
On my bed I lie
Inertia’s my girl’s name
I watch and count the flies
My life’s a freezing frame

Then you come out of the blue
To help me turn the tide
I didn’t even call you to
Replace my shame with pride

This life sucks
Till you bleed
This life sucks
But don’t you bleed for me

This life sucks
Don’t you see?
This life sucks
Why don’t you fucking leave?

Too much time on end
There’s nothing we could do
Now that I‘ve got a friend
I wish it wasn’t you

Then you walk out of my room
And say you‘ve gotta leave
You’re not my bride, I’m not your groom
The best we could achieve
Track Name: To Die For A Noble Cause
It’s nothing left to care about:
Humanity’s a dying breed
In heaven everything’s for sale
In hell there’s pleasure without cost

But we are going down
With a big grin on our lips
And with a swinging of our hips
We’re facing death

And we will perish
With our veins full of champagne
And our money’s set aflame
With our last laugh

We need to fear, there is no doubt
The harvest of our end time seed
Our bible’s revelation tale
Is read and closed and all is lost

So we are going down
In outrageous luxury
With no judge and no jury
We’re sentenced to death

And we will plunge
In our big black limousines
And both priests and libertines
Will face god’s wrath

So we went down
With defiant fists and chants of pride
On our trip to the other side
We’re greeting death

And we have perished
With our stomachs full of steaks
And a cosmic burp that makes
Our final breath
Track Name: Standstill Movement
Cold grips the ground
Wherever I stand or walk
What has become of my life

Fog fills the air
Whenever I breathe out
What will become of my life

Caught in the twilight
A world between the lines
Caught in the twilight
There’s nothing I call mine

All trees are bare
As far as I can see
What has become of my life

Leaves tumble down
The muddy, sloping soil
What will become of my life

Caught in the twilight...

How does it feel
When change is out of reach
The only choice is life or death
And you’re rejecting each

Trapped on transition’s path
The only way you’ll find
With no beginning and without end
The punishment divine
Track Name: Hit The Road
It’s late, I
Can’t wait till
The dice is thrown again and
The bets are placed, the odds are set

I feel my
World quaking
My nerves are showing, shaking
My blood boils, I start seeing red

Inside I’m
All trembling
My life’s a hunting, gambling
My time to rest is when I’m dead

On the chase I
Have found me
No one to bind and ground me
My friend’s the voice inside my head

Driving trapped
On the overtaking lane
Passing everyone

No time to wipe and
Clean the windowpane
Blindly moving on
Track Name: Drunken Man
Angry dad’s out for amends
For his girl’s lost innocence
Cracks the door right off its hinge
Full of thirst for blood revenge
Coming closer with his knife
Out to take my wasted life

Hide and seek for life or death
Cannot leave this left hand path
Pitch black’s the surrounding night
No escape from the final fight
Coming closer with his gun
Gonna end this headless run

Flee from the wrath of a drunken man

Broken boned, cramped in his trunk
I’m tied up and piled with junk
A piece of cloth stuffed in my mouth
Suffocates my desperate shouts
Seems he’s driving out of town
Heading for my last sundown

Trying in vain to break the lid
The pain’s growing with every hit
He brakes hard, now he pulls me out
I’m pounding hard on the dirty ground
Body’s sore, but I won’t stop
Give him hell to my blood’s last drop

Beaten by the whip of a drunken man

In the open desert land
Skinned alive by the blowing sand
Feel myself and my abject foe
Brim with hate from head to toe
Coming closer, face to face
Only one will live to leave this place

Clinched and clung, we’ll fight till death
Doomed to walk this left hand path
Yeah, I’ve got it, snatched his gun!
Now I’ll blast this bastard son!
Lured by the shot, loud and dry
Vultures plunge down from the sky

Feeding on the corpse of a drunken man
Track Name: John Doe
So you think you’re dirt
Maybe that’s ‘cause it’s just
What you are
Like the street you’re on
Took a wrong turn
Left you at its dead end

Take my hand and let us fly
Into the sky

Crying like a wimp
Don’t you know
There’s more to life than this
Dry your tears, get up
Bite your lip and step inside my realm

Take my hand...

Not again!
You’re never gonna cry
Never have to tell another lie
You’re not even ever gonna die
What you’re waiting for
Now let us fly

Not again!
You’re never gonna cry
Never have to tell another lie
You’re not even ever gonna die
So take my hand and let us fly
Track Name: Den Store Tuborg
Through the virgin field
There runs a lonesome path
Where this old vagabond is trying
To catch his hot and shallow breath

No eyes for the beauty
Of the green and bright-lit trees
Ears deaf to the soothing sound
Of birds and humming bees

Among his numb thoughts
There’s a rumbling, racing one
Won’t give his boiling brain
A single second rest:

Den Store Tuborg!

His lips are sprung and sore
Sweat dribbling down his face
Leaving trails of burning salt
In the beating sun’s embrace

The path before him has no end
Ain’t gonna yield
The drink he’s yearning for
The drink he’d kill for
In the virgin field
Track Name: The Sun
The sky‘s a fort of failure
Built of grief and pain
A castle made of mourning
And bricks of stone hard rain

Its battlements of lightning
Protect these weeping walls
The drawbridge lures the joyless
To fill its howling halls

I shall not see the sun again

A crowd of lonesome roamers
In the gallery of sin
Are gazing at the portraits
Of their long lost kith and kin

I feel I’m out to lead them
I am their true born king
The emperor of lies and hate
And on my throne of thorns I sing

We shall not see the sun again

Heed and serve my grieving
Track Name: Shifting Shape
I have grown so minuscule
That what you’d call a stepping stone
Would like a mountain ridicule
My feeble, pitied bones

This repression of my guilt
(For I’m the only one to blame)
Will crush the confidence I’ve built
And leave me dead ashamed

Pound my fists against the wall
Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

So I keep getting smaller every day

I’ve become so sad and done
That what you call a worthy life
Just makes me feel so dead and gone
Drained of all my strife

Retribution’s what I crave
I’ll nevermore let you defile
That which is me and what will save me
From your knowing smile

One last punch will put it out
Just one more time, just once!